About Save Your Skin Foundation

When Save Your Skin Founder Kathy Barnard was diagnosed with metastatic malignant melanoma in 2003, the first thing she did was look to the internet for something that would inspire optimism for her prognosis; hopeful news, survivors, or treatment options. She didn't find much.

The I’m Living Proof initiative is a program intended to provide a wealth of information, resources, and support to those touched by the disease, while also connecting you to a community of survivors who have shared their stories. This initiative is borne from Kathy’s desire to ensure that those diagnosed with melanoma know that surviving melanoma is possible –“I’m Living Proof”.

As little as two years ago options for Melanoma were limited; today, there is real hope for survivorship.  I’m Living Proof is a testament to those who have survived. The Save Your Skin Foundation is committed to providing support to those who have and those who will be diagnosed with Melanoma – Join us!  Click to share your story with us.

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After Cancer

 During treatment, just getting through each day can take all of the energy you have, making it hard to think about anything else, especially life after treatment. After treatments are over, many people experience mixed emotions. Many people express feeling glad...

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Follow Up Medical Care

Melanoma survivors should all receive regular medical checkups that include a review of a patient’s medical history and a physical exam. It’s important to be aware of any changes in your health or any issues that may occur due to cancer treatments. These regular appointments ...

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Physical Changes

Even though you may have had the same melanoma diagnosis or treatment as someone else, your post-treatment experience may be quite different. Your doctor should talk to you about the long-term effects of your specific cancer treatment...

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Family Issues

When treatment ends, families are sometimes unprepared for the length of time recovery can take. As a survivor, you still need support and that may be difficult for family and friends to understand. Often, recovery will take longer than your...

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