In 2016, the Save Your Skin Foundation partnered with the Melanoma Network of Canada to generate #notjustskincancer, a response to the casual attitude taken towards skin cancer often expressed on social media. The viral video #notjustskincancer features four melanoma survivors discussing their experiences and reading mock tweets based on real hashtags, such as ‘#sunburnart,’ ‘#skincancerdontcare,’ ‘#skincancerhereicome,’ and ‘#skincancergetatme’. The statistics referenced in the video, including the estimated 2015 Canadian melanoma death toll of 1, 150*, reinforce the message that skin cancer is not something to be treated lightly.

To find out more, watch the #notjustskincancer video below. After you’ve seen the video, we recommend checking out our friend-and one of the survivors in the video- Natalie Richardson’s guest blog post on the Save Your Skin website about her experience with melanoma, and the #notjustskincancer project.

*Canadian Cancer Society, “Melanoma Statistics”.